Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hide command bar and Navigation bar in MS CRM 2013

MS CRM 2013 has good look and feel but only the draw back is it is taking time to load a form because of Navigation bar and Command bars are taking time to load.

So, with SP1 release, Microsoft provided a feature of hiding Command bar and Navigation bar. We may get a scenarios like form doesn't require Command bar or Navigation bar. Only thing we need to do is pass below parameters on from URL as shown below.

Controls whether the navigation bar is displayed and whether application navigation is available using the areas and subareas defined in the sitemap.
The navigation bar is displayed. This is the default behavior if the navbar parameter is not used.
off :
The navigation bar is not displayed. People can navigate using other user interface elements or the back and forward buttons.
entity :
On an entity form, only the navigation options for related entities are available. After navigating to a related entity, a back button is displayed in the navigation bar to allow returning to the original record.

Controls whether the command bar is displayed.
true :
The command bar is displayed. This is the default.
false :
The command bar is hidden.