Saturday, December 13, 2014

An Unexpected error occured while using RetrieveEntityRequest in MS CRM 2013

"An unexpected error occurred".

This error is really frustrating, this will not give any clue on why this error is occurring.

It took half day to resolve my issue. My project development server has MS CRM 2013 and SIT server has MS CRM 2013 with SP1.

On my development server, we have used RetrieveEntityRequest to read metadata of an entity and it is working fine. So we have moved the code to SIT and started throwing an error as "An unexpected error occurred".

This error is occuring because of Microsoft.Xrm.sdk.dll is older version when deployed the code on SIT server.

So to resolve the issue, we have to rebuild the code with the server version dlls and deploy it. In this case, I have taken Microsoft.Xrm.sdk.dll from SIT server, rebuild the code and deployed.

Now it is started working.

Even after you made the above changes, there are chances of your code may not work because of older version of dlls might be installed in GAC.

If this is the case, uninstall older version of dll and install newer version of dll in GAC.

Hopefully, this solution may save few people's half day time.

Happy coding.....

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