Saturday, July 4, 2015

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Enable Tracing in MS CRM 2015 & Below versions

Enabling MS CRM tracing till 2015 new feature is through Registry keys only. But MS CRM 2015 gives this feature as UI. It is really useful for reading the errors we are getting in Plugins and workflow.

Below are the steps to enable to tacing in MS CRM 2015.

1. MS CRM 2015 --- Settings --->Administration ---> System Settings ---> Customization Tab--->
set Enable logging to plug-in trace log as "Exception" as shown in below screen.

Thats it, now we can read our exceptions in CRM application itself under below path.

Settings---> Plug-in Trace Log

Trace log contains information related to Configuration, TypeName, MessageName, PrimaryEntity, OperationType, Depth, StpeId, CorrelationId, Mode, ExecutionTime, Duration, Excetion Message & Detail, Full Stack.

For CRM 2013 and below versions, we can enable the tracing through registry keys on CRM server.

1. Windows->Run-> Type "regedit" (You should have administrator role to open this registry)
In Registry Editory:
3. In Right side panel , you can find two DWords called TraceEnabled and TraceRefresh
4. Right click on TraceEnabled DWord ---> Modify ----> Set ValueData to "1" to enable tracing or set ValueData to "0" to disable the Tracing.
5. After you set the value for TraceEnabled, Righ click on TraceRefresh DWord ---> Modify ---> Give any numeric number (Preferably two digit number). TraceEnable will not be reflect until you refresh the tracing through TraceRefresh Dword

If you don't find those DWords in RegistryEditor in given path. then add those DWords
1. Right click on MSCRM ---> New---> DWord(32-bit) value ---> Give name as "TraceEnabled" set Value data as 0.
similary create a DWord for TraceRefresh with data value as any two digit number ex.22

Trace files will be generated in  Trace folder which is in where MS CRM software get installed.

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  1. I cannot find the plugin and custom workflow activity tracing option under the customization. Why?

    1. its because you dont have crm 2015 update 1 which was available only in CRM online... you cannot instal this update in onpremise ;) vivat microsoft