Wednesday, January 27, 2016

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Alternate Keys in MS CRM

In MS CRM, primary key place very important role in uniquely identifying the records in an entity. Alternatively, MS CRM introducing new concept called “Alternative Keys” to identify the records.

So, we will see more on how to create and use alternative keys.
In each entity customizations we have a link called Keys as shown below.

Alternative Key

On click on New button, below screen will appears.
We need to give alternative key name in Display name and have to select one or more attributes from available attributes.

Alternative Key - Attributes

You should be aware of the following constraints when creating alternative keys.

  • Only, Decimal number, Whole number or Single line of text can be an alternative key.
  • As key should be supported by platform, it will validate the key before it is creating. So the constraint is 900 bytes per key and 16 columns per key. If the key size doesn’t meet the constraint, an error message will be pop up while creating the key
  • There can be a maximum of 5 alternate key definitions for an entity in a CRM instance.

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