Wednesday, January 20, 2016

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Workflow throws "Invalid Argument" on Set Properties in MS CRM

We may have a requirement of, on create of a particular record, we need to update another record... For these kind of requirements, we generally use out of the box workflows.

When we have created workflow, and click on "Set Properties", sometimes it will through "Invalid Argument" exception. This exception will not give any other information other than "Invalid Exception".

To get more information on exception we need to enable the tracing. To more on how to enable tracing click this link.

If you read the trace file carefully, you will find the reason of this issue as “Wrong type of attribute UI properties passed to the attribute "new_fieldname"”. So, we need to remove this field from form, Save and Publish then try to set properties. If there are no other fields which causing this issue, form will open or else you will get "Invalid Argument" exception again, so we need to iterate this process till we remove all issue causing fields.

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