Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Things you might not know about solutions in MS CRM

Though we are working with the system very closely, certainly there are few things which we might not know.

Here I would like to give few important points related to solutions.

  • You can’t export your default solution as a managed solution
  • MS CRM don’t support importing a default solution taken from an on-premise deployment into a CRM Online organization or a default solution taken from a CRM Online organization into an on-premises deployment. MS CRM do support importing custom solutions between these deployment types, but not default solutions
  • When you export a managed solution, you can’t import it back into the organization it was imported from
  • All imported security roles will be attached to the root business unit
  • If you import customizations that include a language that is not installed on your system, any labels defined in the customizations will default to the base language of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system the customizations were imported from.

These are very interesting points I came to know when I gone through MS CRM adminstration guide. Please comment if I miss any so that those points will be added to the list.

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